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5th August 2020: Face coverings

The Cabinet Office has published updated guidance relating to the use of face coverings. Included in the guidance is a list of new places where face coverings are currently recommended, but that will become mandatory from 8th August 2020. Included in the list is 'funeral directors', and 'places of worship'. Although neither of these categories specifically covers cemeteries and crematoria, our professional body, The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) understands that the intention is that face coverings should be worn at funerals in enclosed spaces, eg cemetery and crematorium chapels.

It has been acknowledged, however, that there may be times when face coverings are impractical, and Public Health England will be updating their guidance for managing a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic to reflect this.

The ICCM recommends that we advise our funeral directors, celebrants and members of the public etc that face coverings are currently advised, but that they will be required from 8th August 2020, subject to any recommendations in the revised Public Health England guidance once it is published.

We will have a limited supply of face coverings available in case people arrive without one. We will not refuse entry to a funeral service if an individual does not have a face covering, but are able to maintain social distancing.

Celebrants, officiants, ministers and members of the public will not be required to wear a mask whilst they are leading the service or speaking a eulogy, as long as they are able to maintain social distancing. Masks should be worn at all other times where, subject to the recommendations above.

There is no change to the number of attendees in each chapel at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the team on 01903 872678 or email

Thank you.

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23rd July 2020: Funeral Services - Risk Assessment

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, Adur & Worthing Councils (AWC) Bereavement Services have had to continuously review and revise their procedures and guidance for staff, stakeholders and the general public.

These procedures and guidance have been created to maintain the safety and well being of all when using Bereavement Services. The relaxing of lockdown and amendment to government guidance has resulted in the need to review the services offered again as AWC has a duty of care to their employees and all users of their facilities.

This risk assessment demonstrates the main services offered and what can be done to reduce the risk level and protect staff, stakeholders and the public in all Bereavement Services locations.

You can read the risk assessment below:

PDF FileCOVID-19 Funeral Service - Risk Assessment (161KB)

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Coronavirus update: 9th July - Updated Government advice regarding attending a funeral

After careful consideration of the revised guidelines released by the government on the 3rd July 2020, there will be some amendments to the operation of services at Worthing Crematorium, Durrington Cemetery and Adur Cemeteries.

Our aim throughout this pandemic, is to provide the best service to the bereaved but only if this can be achieved in a safe environment. We have continuously provided a service using a risk based approach to enable the bereaved to attend funerals. We have placed trust in those attending to act responsibly and follow the government's guidelines, in turn reducing the risk and spread of coronavirus.

The government's latest guidance Staying alert and safe (social distancing), updated 3rd July 2020:

Point 2. Meeting family and friends advises that from 4th July 2020:

Businesses and venues following COVID-19 Secure guidelines can host larger groups provided they comply with the law. This can include weddings and funerals (which we advise should be limited to no more than 30 people), religious ceremonies and services, community activities and support groups.

Our challenge within bereavement services is to adhere to the government's COVID-19 guidance where we do not know the number of households attending the services thus allowing sufficient social distancing for each household bubble. This guidance is why the number of people who can attend the funeral services has been revised with reduced maximum capacities.

The same government guidelines advise:

[that people] can meet in groups of up to two households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household) in any location - public or private, indoors or outdoors. You do not always have to meet with the same household - you can meet with different households at different times. However, it remains the case - even inside someone's home - that you should socially distance from anyone not in your household or bubble.

To enable bereavement services to follow the most recent government guidance and to ensure we can effectively socially distance at all services, we will be restricting the maximum capacity to the following:

  • Durrington Cemetery Chapel and graveside services - 15 persons
  • Adur Cemetery graveside services - 15 persons
  • Muntham Chapel services - 15 persons
  • Kingswood Chapel services - 30 persons

These are maximum individual capacities and are based on a maximum of up to four households or bubbles being in attendance. If the number of individual households or bubbles is greater than four the capacity will be further reduced.

We are also currently exploring the guidance regarding the track and trace system and will provide any updates as soon as they are available.

This guidance is to be followed effectively immediately so there may be a need to contact your families for any services booked to advise them of the change in government guidance and the revised capacities. This guidance supersedes any previous service update.

The latest government guidelines that have been released can be found using the links below:

We apologise in advance if this revision creates any problems or upset to your families but must stress that we are acting only to protect the safety and wellbeing of all attendees and staff and reduce the risk of coronavirus.

Please help the Bereavement Service team ensure the safety of all attendees and staff by following the guidance above.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the team on 01903 872678 or email

Thank you.

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Coronavirus update: 18th May - Revised Government Guidance for attendances at a funeral

On 18th May 2020 the government provided slightly revised guidance for attendances at a funeral. The new guidance still maintains that minimal numbers should be in attendance at a funeral but now state;

"To minimise the risk of transmission only the following should attend a funeral, alongside the Funeral Director, Chapel Attendant, and funeral staff:

  • members of the person's household
  • immediate family members
  • or if the above are unable to attend, close friends
  • attendance of a celebrant of choice, should the bereaved request this"

The small change now allows close friends to attend in the absence of immediate family members and or members of the same household.

We still maintain that funeral services should only be attended by those on the list above and as small a number of people as possible.

If anyone is showing symptoms of Coronavirus they must not attend and are advised to isolate at home. Members of the same household to anyone showing symptoms must also not attend and isolate at home.

There are no other changes to funeral services at this time.

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Coronavirus update: 30th March 2020 - Book of Remembrance Room closed

Following government guidelines, relating to the spread of Coronavirus, Worthing Crematorium will be closing the Book of Remembrance Room from Monday 30th March 2020 until further notice.

However, should you wish to view an entry in the online Book of Remembrance please click the link below:

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.

Thank you all for your continued support and if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to make contact:

Best wishes,

Kate Greening
Bereavement Services Manager, Adur & Worthing Councils

You can also find out more about the Coronavirus using the links on the Adur & Worthing Councils' website.

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Coronavirus update: 27th March 2020 - Easter opening times and changes from April

The Bereavement Services team has been very busy behind the scenes to maintain the best possible service during these unprecedented times.

As you will appreciate, there have been some amendments that we have adopted to follow government guidance including reduced attendances for services and social distancing, but we have also made some changes to try and help increase our capacity and help reduce wait times for services and also create a provision for those that cannot attend.

To this end we have made a couple of small changes that will take effect from April:

  • We will remain open on Good Friday and Easter Monday for services and Direct Cremations - please contact the Crematorium for available times
  • Due to the reduced attendances at services we will provide a service recording free of charge for families. Our audio visual provider is unfortunately unable to provide a webcast but can create a recording of the service (available as a downloadable digital link) in the days following the service. If you would like this added to your service please consult your funeral director or contact the crematorium for more information.

Thank you all for your continued support and if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to make contact:

Best wishes,

Kate Greening
Bereavement Services Manager, Adur & Worthing Councils

You can also find out more about the Coronavirus using the links on the Adur & Worthing Councils' website.

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Coronavirus update: 24th March 2020 - Attendance at Burials and Cremations advice; and Collecting Ashes

Attendance at Burials and Cremations advice:

In the ongoing delivery of services to the bereaved Burial and Cremation Authorities adopt a risk based approach taking into account government advice, vulnerable groups and the importance of protecting the key workers outlined in recent government advice.

In considering reducing the transmission of the coronavirus through gatherings at funeral services in chapels you must consider limiting attendees to the immediate family only:

  • Spouse/Partner
  • Parents/carers
  • Brothers/Sisters
  • Children (and partners)

Collecting Ashes:

In the update of the 18th March 2020, I advised that ashes are to be collected from the reception by using the video phone to contact us.

With effect from 25th March 2020, funeral directors and the bereaved will need an appointment to collect the ashes in order for us to have them ready in a timely manner. You can contact us on:

In this fast moving situation it may be necessary to update this advice in the coming days. As soon as the Government issues further advice we will inform you of any new requirements.

Best wishes,

Kate Greening, Bereavement Services Manager, Adur & Worthing Councils

You can also find out more about the Coronavirus using the links on the Adur & Worthing Councils' website.

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Coronavirus update: 23rd March 2020 - Advice to families about attending a funeral service


I hope you are keeping as well as possible.

My team is getting a lot of phone calls about what is allowed at the Crematorium.

The government has now introduced stricter measures on social distancing, and things are likely to get even stricter in the coming days and weeks.

The major organisations representing funeral directors and cemeteries and crematoria are currently advocating a risk based approach to attendance at funerals, based on Government advice about gatherings.

I am recommending that if you are having a funeral service with us you follow these additional practices:

  • Please stay in your car or outside the building until it is time to enter the chapel
  • Please avoid using the waiting room
  • Please do not touch the chapel door handles, allow our staff to do this
  • Please do not shake hands or touch the surfaces or coffin
  • Please do not discard tissues or personal items
  • If you use the toilet facilities please ensure you wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Please ensure you socially distance yourself from other people
  • If you need to contact our team while on site, please use the video phone at office reception

There is currently no ban on gatherings, so funerals can still take place. Where funeral ceremonies are to take place in a chapel, families are advised to consider restricting attendance to close family and friends only so as to minimise the number of people in a relatively small space.

Families should also be advised to follow the Government's advice to stay home for 14 days if they show symptoms or live with somebody who is showing symptoms. Those over 70, with an underlying health problem, or pregnant are particularly encouraged to take this advice. This may mean they have to miss the funeral, or hold the funeral, or have a memorial service at a later date. For more information please visit the Government's website using the link here.

Worthing Crematorium offers a webcasting service that will be available for free during the virus outbreak to enable those who can't attend the funeral service in person to watch it online or at a later date.

The guidance is subject to change as the situation develops. Please keep an eye on our website and keep in touch with your funeral director, they are up to date with the latest news from us. Please speak to them in the first instance about your service.

Best wishes,

Kate Greening
Bereavement Services Manager, Adur & Worthing Councils

You can also find out more about the Coronavirus using the links on the Adur & Worthing Councils' website.

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Coronavirus update: 18th March 2020 - General information

Funeral services at all our sites will continue and we will be implementing social distancing.

We are still working through these processes so please bear with us as we adjust.

We have now socially distanced the team at the Crematorium and Cemeteries. Access to our working spaces, including the Worthing Crematorium reception will be restricted.  Please use the video phone at the office reception to speak to us when you are at the Crematorium. 

The public spaces, ie The Chapels, waiting rooms, toilets and book of remembrance, are open as usual and will be cleaned and sanitised throughout the day.


  • Dropping papers off: For funeral directors please drop papers in the ordinary letter box. You can call us to let you know you have done this via the video phone.
  • Collecting papers: For funeral directors a 'Papers Collection Box' has been installed by our letterbox at reception, we will leave any papers to be collected here.
  • Collecting ashes: For funeral directors and the bereaved please call us on the video phone at main reception - see also 24th March update above.
  • Checking music for services - For funeral directors and celebrants/ministers it’s business as usual in the Chapels with the exception of access to music rooms being restricted. Please check your music in the appropriate vestry.
  • Coffin checks: All coffins need to have a visible name plate that can be checked without the need to open the hearse or move flowers.  


  • Chapel Services: It's business as usual at Durrington Chapel. Communication with Chapel Attendant / Cemetery Operatives must be done at a respectful distance (6 feet / 2 metres).
  • Graveside: Immediate family only to be in the vicinity and must keep a respectful distance.
  • Cemetery staff will return to back fill the grave only once the funeral party have left the section. Cemetery Operatives will be present but at a discreet distance. The deceased will not be left unattended at any time.

Your contribution in helping us carry out our work is really important and will help us all keep everyone safe by following these instructions. I thank you in advance for your help in doing this.

We are working flat out to keep everything running smoothly and also looking to increase capacity in the coming weeks. I please ask you to be patient and understanding with us and we will do the best we can. This is new territory for us all.

Best wishes,

Kate Greening, Bereavement Services Manager, Adur & Worthing Councils

You can also find out more about the Coronavirus using the links on the Adur & Worthing Councils' website.

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