To ensure that we maintain a pleasant environment for all of our visitors please observe the following when visiting:

  • Only cut flowers and small pot plants are permitted in the memorial gardens
  • No items may be placed on, or attached to, any tree or shrub within the grounds
  • No personal items or memorials are permitted in the gardens.
    This includes: glass, vases, statues, fencing, candles / lanterns, windmills, fake flowers, gravel, ornaments and memorabilia
  • No unauthorised planting or interference of the grounds is permitted

Prohibited items will be removed without notice.

We do understand that people may wish to place a birthday, anniversary or parent's day cards or tributes at the appropriate times of year. This is permissible but all such tributes will be removed after three days.

Seasonal tributes, such as Christmas wreaths and ornaments, may only be laid in the specified area near the Muntham Chapel. These tributes will be removed after 12 days.

See also:

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