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Worthing Crematorium follows guidelines set down by both the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management (ICCM) and the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA).

Most cremations take place within 24 hours of the funeral service but all will be completed within 72 hours of being received at the crematorium in accordance with ICCM & FBCA guidelines.

All metal residues which survive the cremation process are recycled. Any profit derived from the recycling scheme is donated to UK bereavement related charities.


PDF FileICCM guiding principles for burial and cremation (43KB)

PDF FileFBCA Code of Cremation Practice (65KB)

Metal recycling

PDF FileICCM recycling of metals following cremation (535KB)

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Information about the cremators

For information about the cremators that are used at Worthing Crematorium please see:

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