Metal Recycling Scheme

About the scheme

The Worthing Crematorium Metal Recycling Scheme is environmentally friendly and supports local charities that work in areas related to death and bereavement.

The scheme is managed by Worthing Crematorium and is operated by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management and OrthoMetals, a leading European company in the field of metal recycling.

#WorthingCrem is proud to combine #MetalRecycling with #SustainabilityInDeathCare, supporting local charities. #SupportingCharities

Benefits of the scheme

Environmentally friendly: Recycling metals reduces the need to mine new ores, which can have a negative impact on the environment.

Cost-effective: The scheme is at no cost to participating families.

Legal: The scheme is legal and ethical.

Supports charities: The net profits from the scheme are donated to charities related to death and bereavement in the Worthing and surrounding areas.

How does the scheme work?

Following a cremation, the crematorium staff will remove any metal from the remains. These metals will then be collected by OrthoMetals and recycled. The process is completely confidential and respectful of the deceased.

What happens to the recycled metals?

Once Orthometals collects the metals from crematorium, they are transported to their sorting facilities in either the Netherlands or the United States.

At these facilities, the metals undergo a rigorous sorting process to separate them according to their composition. The sorted metals are then sold to smelters, where they are melted down and transformed into unrecognisable semi-finished products. These semi-finished products can then be used as raw materials in the manufacturing of new products. In essence, the implants collected by Orthometals are given a new life, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

See: OrthoMetals (metal recycling) website

How can I participate in the scheme?

For families

If you are interested in participating in the Worthing Crematorium Metal Recycling Scheme, please inform your funeral arranger of your wishes during the pre-funeral arrangements. This will ensure that the metal implants from the cremation are collected and recycled in a respectful and dignified manner.

For charities

Do you represent a charity that works in areas related to death and bereavement and are based in Worthing or the surrounding area? If so, we encourage you to consider benefiting from the Worthing Crematorium Metal Recycling Scheme. Your charity could receive a share of the scheme's net profits to support your important work in the community.

Beneficiary proposal and reporting: express your interest

To express your interest, please fill out this online nomination form:

A panel comprising of a member of the Bereavement Services Team, Worthing Council's Cabinet Member for the Environment and a member of Community Works will make the final decision on the scheme's beneficiaries.

There are typically two nomination rounds each financial year, subject to funding availability. There may be more than one charity who benefits each round. Dates will be published on this website.

The deadline for the current round is midnight on 31st July 2024.

We welcome your enquiry and look forward to potentially partnering with your charity to make a positive impact together.

Application deadlines will be clearly communicated based on our nomination rounds.

Reporting is required within a year after using the funds.

Straightforward application, meaningful impact

The Worthing Crematorium Metal Recycling Scheme is committed to supporting charities that provide essential services related to death and bereavement. We offer a streamlined application process to maximise your time and resources. 

Beneficiary reporting: ensuring accountability and measuring success

Once funds are distributed, we work collaboratively to track the scheme's impact. Your reporting helps us understand the difference you're making. Here's what we'll request:

  • Financial statement: upon project completion, submit a basic expenditure report which includes:
    • an itemised list of how the funds were spent
    • copies of relevant receipts or invoices (if applicable)
  • Narrative report: briefly address the following:
    • how the funding helped achieve the outcomes outlined in your Statement of Intent
    • any challenges encountered and how they were addressed
    • a success story that highlights the impact of the donation (optional, for publicity with your permission)
    • a photograph illustrating the benefit of the funding (optional)

Consent to use data - privacy notice

The Worthing Crematorium Metal Recycling Scheme is committed to protecting your charity's data privacy.

In order to process your application and assess your eligibility for funding, we need your consent to collect and use the information you provide in your application. 

You can read how we process your data in our privacy notice:

PDF FileWorthing Crematorium Metal Recycling Scheme Privacy Notice (74KB)

Let's work together to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing death and bereavement. Apply today! #WorthingCrematorium #MetalRecycling #SustainabilityInDeathCare #SupportingCharities

Past beneficiaries

The Worthing Crematorium Metal Recycling Scheme is proud to support charities that work in areas related to death and bereavement. The net profits from the scheme have been donated to a range of charities over recent years, such as:

  • Andy's Angels: £14,000
  • Chestnut Tree House Children's hospice: £12,000
  • LGBT Foundation (Brighton & Hove): £15,000
  • Winston's Wish: £10,000
  • Love your HSP Charity (Worthing): £10,000
  • CRUSE Bereavement Care (West Sussex Branch): £10,000
  • St Barnabas Hospice (Chestnut Tree House): £8,000
  • Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide: £7,000
  • St Barnabas Hospice (Chestnut Tree House): £5,000
  • St Barnabas Hospice (Chestnut Tree House): £5,000
  • SANDS: £5,000
  • St Barnabas Hospice (Chestnut Tree House): £4,337
  • St Barnabas Hospice (Chestnut Tree House): £4,321
  • Grief Encounter: £4,412
  • Total donated: £114,070

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