Muntham Chapel

The Muntham Chapel is the original crematorium chapel. It provides a peaceful area in which to hold a funeral service and was named after the ancient estate that used to exist on the site.

Muntham Chapel interior

Facilities in the Muntham complex include:

  • Comfortable seating for 74 people
  • Standing space for an additional 40 people
  • External speaker system
  • Digital piano (Roland HPi7F-RW)
    PDF FileRoland HPi-7F (1,085KB)
  • Obitus music, media and web broadcast systems which use Bose speakers
  • 1 x 60" display screen
  • Waiting room featuring a water cooler and 1 x 50" display screen
  • Unisex toilet facilities
  • Induction loop for the hearing impaired
  • Large print books (available on request)
  • Velvet and voile curtains
  • Vestry
  • Service / hymn books

Where is the Muntham Chapel?

You can download a site map of the Crematorium: showing main areas of interest, access roads, car parks and main footpaths in the grounds of the Crematorium:

PDF FileWorthing Crematorium site map (2,968KB)

You can also download a building layout plan: showing the enquiries office, Muntham Chapel, Kingswood Chapel, toilets and other public facilities:

PDF FileWorthing Crematorium - building layout (120KB)

The Muntham Chapel (behind trees) and chapel entrance (to left under canopy):

Muntham Chapel (744)

See also: The Kingswood Chapel

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