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Coronavirus update: 17th May 2021 - Advice about attending a funeral service

From 17th May 2021, the number of attendees at a funeral will be determined by how many people the venue can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place.

Instead of instructing families to stay 2m apart from anyone they don't live with, it encourages us to exercise caution and consider the guidance on risks associated with COVID-19 and the actions we can all take to help keep everyone safe.

To ensure that our venues are safe, seating will be in groupings of six. This follows the guidance for indoor gatherings , which are limited to six people or two households (each household can include a support bubble, if eligible).

Venue capacities:

Remember that the risks of close contact may be greater for some people than others and in some settings and circumstances.

Any number of people above this will not be allowed in the chapel. They are welcome to take some time to reflect away from the chapel around our grounds for the duration of the service. For the moment we will not play music outside the chapel and the chapel doors will remain closed to discourage people from congregating in large groups.


  • Services will continue to last 40 minutes which takes into account the 5 minutes either side to enter and leave the chapel and 10 minutes for us to clean the chapel between services.

Singers and spoken address during the event:

  • Please contact the office if you wish to have a group of amateur or professional singers perform.
  • Communal singing should not take place indoors due to the higher transmission risks.
  • If the event is taking place outside, mourners may join in with singing.
  • Spoken addresses to the mourners or their responses during a ceremony must not be in a raised voice.
  • Microphones can be used and they will be thoroughly cleaned between speakers.


  • These will continue to be free to watch live until capacity restrictions have been lifted in the chapels. This does not apply to watch live with a 28 day download to watch again - see: webcasts.


  • Reception will be open from Monday.

Hall of Remembrance:

  • The Hall will be open from Monday. It will be open during office hours and not at the weekend. While open, surfaces will be cleaned hourly - see: Book of Remembrance room.

Waiting Rooms:

  • Will remain closed for the time being. Please wait in your cars until 5 minutes before the service starts. Mourners will have to wait outside until they are shown in by the chapel attendant.

Other safety measures:

  • Everyone inside needs to wear a face mask, unless they are exempt from wearing one. Spare masks are available if required, please just ask a member of our team.
  • Hand sanitiser is available throughout our sites.
  • We have Track and Trace QR codes on display. Visitors are asked to use these.

Commemorative events:

  • The information about attendance for commemorative events has now been updated on the government website. The number permitted will increase to a maximum of 30 people. This maximum limit does not include anyone working at the event.

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16th April 2020: Works to improve Worthing Crematorium's 'Forget Me Not Garden' are now complete

A new-and-improved children's memorial garden has been built at Worthing Crematorium, giving visitors a tranquil space to reflect and remember lost loved ones.

Worthing Borough Council has installed a new memorial wall, pathways, steps and landscaping as part of the project, which took six weeks to complete.

The new design also includes the existing stone circle, in which cremated remains have been scattered.

Now, the garden has a stronger presence within the grounds and is more spacious, attractive and overlooks the crematorium's lawn.

The previous space inside the crematorium was part-funded by a group of parents in memory of the children they have lost. It will now be officially named as the 'Forget Me Not Garden' - the name originally chosen by the group.

The memorial wall has been made with York stone and is pale in colour, to represent a child's innocence. It will be used to hold plaques which can be purchased at the crematorium office.

The existing plaques on the wall will be remade and replaced before the garden officially opens, which will be at a later stage once COVID restrictions are further eased.

For wheelchair users the space is also now much more accessible. Works were carried out by contractor Landbuild and overseen by the Councils' engineering and surveying team, alongside the Crematorium.

James Thomas, Crematorium and Burial Ground Operations Manager, said:

“Worthing Crematorium is a special place for many people and we're always looking to work with locals to provide the spaces they desire, to remember loved ones.

“We recognise the need and importance of the children's memorial garden inside the crematorium, which is why we have revamped it for those who wish to use the space to reflect and mourn.

“Although it is not open yet, we hope the new-and-improved space will provide some comfort for those who need it. Once the garden is able to open, we will announce this to the public.”

Photos: The improved space includes the existing stone circle, in which cremated remains have been scattered, a new paved area, wall and seating. It has been officially named as the 'Forget Me Not Garden'

PR21-059 - The new Forget Me Not Garden at Worthing Crematorium - new wall and existing stone circle

PR21-059 - The new Forget Me Not Garden at Worthing Crematorium - new wall and seating blocks

PR21-059 - The new Forget Me Not Garden at Worthing Crematorium - new wall

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